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About Us

We are a group of seasoned financial and technical professionals looking for partners to assist us in developing and launching an innovative yet disruptive service for our marketplace.
We have plenty of cyber real
estate to promote, enhance and launch new ideas covering both business models and client sectors.
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About You

You are involved in our marketplace, you are involved with our potential competitors, you enjoy "mixing" things up. You understand the challenges and rewards of pushing the market into a new disruptive and innovative space. This is an update.

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Thoughts? Where do you think our marketplace will be in 5 years time? What regulatory pressures will force us to adopt new business models? What should we be putting in place now to service our clients in the future? We understand the IB and White Labelling models and while we do not discount them they do not exactly excite us. How can we shake things up? If you have any ideas or just want to be kept in the news with with regard to our developments then fill in the form and hit the submit buttom. 16.10.15

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